How Are You Coloring Your World?

How Are You Coloring Your World?

Photo by  David Pisnoy  on  Unsplash

“Creativity takes courage” ~Henri Matisse

Here is what they don’t tell you about art, creativity and writing-it takes courage, grit, steadfast determination, a steel set of nerves, relentless pursuit of what makes you happy despite getting paid for it, hours in one spot only to feel accomplished and drained at the same, and the unwavering question that nags your inner muse like, “Did you get it right yet”? All of this is the madness that is a glorious whirlwind of joy that I call My Creative Life!

And…here is the best part—I’ve let go of controlling the outcome ! I just have to do it without worrying about anything that prevents me from sharing my soul in the way God intended me to.

So today I ask all my wonderful creative friends and those who give back in their own special way, “How are you coloring your world”? Are you doing it scared? Are you doing it despite the inner critic? Are you boldly going in the direction of your calling?

I am shouting from the roof tops—“Be you, be bold, be brave and be unapologetic in the quest of being the bad-ass person you were created to be. Just do you! Love yourself silly! Be you- the fabulous you that’s quirky, funky and unstoppable!”

Don’t look for approval in those who may never understand you or ever care to know you or what drives your creativity. Don’t beg for support from those who would rather see you fail, or use your skills to benefit themselves over helping you grow as a creative being. No one can copy or forge your destiny! It’s yours!! Ready to be claimed!

Make sure all of your relationships are reciprocal and empowering! Make sure nobody is blowing your candle out to make theirs burn brighter! Make sure all roads lead to somewhere rather than nowhere. Make sure your tribe knows the full spectrum of your aura and your unique style vibe! Make sure, above all, that your not selling your soul for approval.

Please, disregard the haters and the naysayers as many will ignore you and may just leave you on the side of the creative road just so they don’t have to see you succeed or get there first. Forget about them! You’re already on a massively authentic journey just being you! You are a masterpiece of joy and a mosaic of colorful experiences that are shaping your world in such a unique way. Don’t ever lose sight of your visions no matter what pops up to surprise you.

Some days life can be hard as we climb the mountains and hills of success and some days life will effortlessly open every door with flair, but hold on in the down times, because anything is possible! Remember, don’t make your passion have to fight to get you to soften to the brilliance of who you are as a creative being!

Color your world any way you choose! ❤️



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