An Open Letter to Publishers from an Aspiring New Author

An Open Letter to Publishers from an Aspiring New Author

Photo by Kristen Colin

Photo by Kristen Colin

Dear Publishers, 

Did someone believe in you, take a chance on you, and give you the BIG break you were relentlessly praying for? Did it change your life? Did hard work and opportunity create ‘a lucky break’ for you to mingle with success? Did someone extend help that opened the door to every writers dream-a publishing contract? 

Where does one turn when trusted agents are hard to find and submission are closed except for those who know someone on the inside of the book business? It seems that one has to create their own luck and spearhead their own good fortune by doing something radically different which, in essence, would create a new map to the future of success. Isn't that the age we are living in? 

“Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.” ~Henry Hartman

 Life is my canvas, writing is my paintbrush, and words are the endless variety of hues and shades of color that I use to decorate the world with my natural talents. Writing is my life, my passion, and my destiny. Writing is the emotional elixir that aides my soul in overcoming the painful experiences in my life. Writing allows me to become the diamond that shines brightly from under the earth and the radiant lotus the grows so effortlessly form the muddy waters of its dwelling. 

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” ~Napoleon Hill 

Out of necessity, I aim to create a new blueprint for my success. Social media and the internet have changed everything I thought I knew about publishing. Is there still a traditional route to publishing? Or, must I invest in the go-big-or-go-broke ‘lets make a deal’ of self-publishing and the iffy cat-and-mouse marketing plans? Maybe surrendering to ether of publishing fate will simplify the whole process of determining which publishing route to use? 

 My book is in the final stages of creation. It has come to life from the same place that all inspirational Best Sellers come from-the deep rooted experiences of a writers heart and soul. Recovering from life’s unscripted adversities has become the most valuable asset in my message to the world. 

Because of my life challenges, I did not get to go to college as I so desperately wanted to. But, with that being said, I am so glad the school of life pressured me to learn how to write from the seeds of raw desire. The fruits of my labor have been so much more rewarding because they are truly organic. In all of my years of writing (to get better) and reading (to hone in on my own style) one common trait of success stands out to me-true success comes from the writers ability to connect with the reader.

I am a M.E., which translates to Master of my Experiences. The passion, dedication, and soul-awakening message I share is from lived experience. This is the true source of creative richness that cannot be taught in any classroom. A natural born story teller is similar to a bird that is hatched knowing what song it will sing. Both writers and birds instinctively have their song within, but a the magic happens when the song hits the crescendo as it resonates with the inner song of readers.

I have nothing to lose by asking the Universe to bring me to the right reputable publisher who sees how a natural born writer adapts in a world where believing in oneself is the most crucial aspect for a writers success. I have learned that in addition to believing in oneself, relentless drive and unstoppable determination are just as important for a writers continual success. 

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing, but in the midst of living.” ~Anaïs Nin

There are so many writers I admire that have embraced success, but they didn’t start on top. They actually started their journey in the emotional gutters of life, and that is what makes their message so profound and compelling to their readers. When readers can connect and identify with the real-life struggles and triumphs in an authors life, their hearts can be touched by the spark of inspiration from the writers message. As a result, books fly off the shelves. They essentially sell themselves! It’s the real life stories that deeply touch hearts, jump-start inspiration, and profoundly motivate anyone who feels stuck or small to dream bigger dreams and live more productive lives. 

I am excited to take the next step, so who will it be, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, a subsidiarity of one of the above, or a new kid on the block? Whoever it is, I do welcome the opportunity to add another title to the NYT Best Seller list in your honor. Every great writer has a starting point and many of the authors you have signed contracts with have launched to success from your nests. 

‘Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” ~Ray Bradbury

You can read my work online at:

Thank you for believing in a natural born writer who has mastered the literary song of spiritual transformation. I look forward to our success! 

Rebecca L. Edwards



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