WHY is it OKAY to NOT Talk About "IT"?


"Delay is the deadliest form of denial."~ C. Northcote Parkinson

Why is it okay to NOT talk about the staggering facts of childhood sexual abuse, rape, bullying, teen suicide, abusive parents, and how our children are suffering in the most unimaginable ways? Why is it okay to watch TV, talk for days about the "negative" news and do nothing about the incomprehensible and clearly unimaginable pain in the hearts of suffering children until it is TOO LATE! Until they take their own lives, or the lives of others? I will NEVER understand why the obvious is so conveniently NOT talked about. Why? Because it is dirty? It is ugly? It is improper to bring up "sexual abuse" around children? Teen suicide is a "taboo topic"? Domestic Violence is not what YOU want to think about? Trauma is not your experience or problem so it doesn't matter? Rape doesn't happen in your social circles? Or, "nothing like that" will never happen to us, to me, or to my children? Truth is that no ever thinks "IT" will happen to them until "IT" does.   Well, now is the time to talk about the topics that we can no longer deny. Pretending these types of situations do not exist is denial. Turning the other way because it is uncomfortable to think about such a depressing subject matter is, in fact, a life threatening non-action. Shaming, omitting facts, denying the truth, and ignoring what leads to such darkness and pain, anger and depression is being compliant to the problem instead of rallying for a solution. And, if you can't or don't want to get involved, donate to causes or people (like myself) who were born to be the advocates that have the steadfast grit, unwavering determination, steel nerves, and emotional armor to stand tall in the face of adversity and not back down to those who want the voices silenced. 

"Denial is the shock absorber for the soul. It protects us until we are equipped to cope with reality." ~C.S. Lewis

As I was writing this little rant, I just found out a child in my daughters school took his own life today. How can this happen when so much talk about "saving the children" is such a hot topic? On a day when so many walked out of classrooms to put an end do death only to hear an announcement that death is now a part of their day too-FOREVER- as yet another life is lost. It makes me sick to my stomach that the only action people can seemingly take toward "being the change they want to see in the world" is when someone else is looking or when there is a personal gain for the actions being taken. Nobody could see this child's pain and behavior shifts and save him? Really? When will it stop? When will we wake-up and make changes that protect children AND truly make a difference? I will CONTINUE to do whatever it takes to make sure that NOT ONE MORE child loses his or her life to the soul-stealing depression that creates such a spiritual void. It is a horrible day when any child is in the-state-of-mind where the only solution he/she can see is to make others feel the pain of being invisible by ending their own life. Some of the Adverse Childhood Experiences that contribute to teen suicide are traumatic events such as: divorce, domestic violence, emotional/mental abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, death of a parent, friend or relative, and substance abuse. Turn on the TV or FB because Oprah is talking about ACE's as well as other celebrity's. Does that make it more socially acceptable? Unfortunately, with teen suicide, it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know this because I have been there myself. I pondered suicide for many years while I was being sexually abused. The shame was unbearable until I found help. And, since the day I received help, I vowed to be a voice for any man, woman, or child that needs help.  GOD help our society and our children! I will do all that I can, right now, in this lifetime to make a difference. 

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