Sober Author & Mentor for a Purposeful Life


Question: What drives a person to give everything they have to help others become the people they were meant to be? Answer: A life purpose and a passion beyond the ability to describe the desire to be an agent of service and an inspirational component for any soul who desires to embrace recovery. 

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." E.E. Cummings


  • I CAN be happy

  • I CAN have it all

  • I CAN have a successful career of my choice

  • I CAN fulfill my dreams

  • I CAN travel the world and wherever my heart desires

  • I CAN write a book

  • I CAN have purpose beyond my pain

  • I CAN help others with my truth

  • I CAN have healthy sustainable relationships 

  • I CAN let go of fear

  • I CAN embrace self-love

  • I CAN make new friendships

  • I CAN feel worthy of abundance

  • I CAN finish school and go to college

  • I CAN move toward forgiveness

  • I CAN find a new joy in living

  • I CAN own a home

  • I CAN find peace in not knowing how to solve all my problems

  • I CAN embrace adversity 

  • I CAN overcome hardships with grace

  • I CAN speak with dignity 

  • I CAN find faith in the absence of feeling "great" all the time

  • I CAN be who I was born to become regardless of where I started

YOU CAN, I CAN, WE CAN... Be anything we desire to become because we can re-write the story of how we choose to shape our world around our life experiences. I have and I will continue to dedicate my life, my passion, my resources, my words, and my actions to faithfully support the muse rooted deep inside my heart and my soul that wants to spend every waking moment making others feel worthy, accepted and inspired. To everyone who feels invisible, left out, ignored, less than, not good enough, forsaken, and are right where you need to be. Everything is okay and life is a journey that requires your full attention. You are here for a reason and your light is always shining, even if you can't see it. Do not ever give up on your dreams despite what your negative thoughts or noisy mind may be telling you. You CAN do anything you desire, YOU just need to  believe it! GO LIVE YOUR DREAMS w/o FEAR! GO "I CAN" YOUR WAY THROUGH LIFE! @rebecca.l.edwards (IG)

As I write this I am fully committing to writing my new books, diving deeper into my mission, and nurture my desire to be of service for the love of all things creative. I have to hold myself accountable too. By sharing form the heart, I find the courage to move toward the direction of my own dreams and desires as well!  Thank YOU! 

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