Becoming Our True Selves


“As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are.” ~Abraham Hicks

As I move through my life, I realize that words don’t teach me about life, my experiences do. I have had enough experiences that have taught me that I am the creator of my reality, despite what my mind tells me. I love words, and I love to read terms, but those words are based on real lived experiences and are written by those that I look up to as I choose to gain value from their wisdom. It is by contrast that I can navigate where I am going. Today, the now is the past. I know that every step I take today will take me to where I want to be. I understand that each moment I go against the current of my vibration, I am bucking the alignment that I am choosing. It takes pain to motivate me to change, and I. Not pain that I double over in, but an illness that is making me away from what no longer serves my soul. This experience is similar to growing pains, but these spiritual pains are helping me evolve into the physical reality of who we desire to become. We can’t live in the clouds, but we can extend our souls to reach higher as our experiences to take us deeper into ourselves. The reality of my current pain is stretching my mind to grow beyond my limitations, fancied or real, and to raise my consciousness to a higher level while leaving behind that which no longer serves my highest and best self. I am becoming the me that I have longed to become. I am now choosing to let go of all fear that holds me back from my strongest desires. I want to let go of all fear of failure. I wish to let go of all self-doubt. I choose to let go of all misunderstandings of the cosmic forces that beckon me to come forward in the truth of who I am. What I am experiencing now feels like pain, but in reality, it is growth that I am feeling. Just like a seed cracking, or a baby being born, this is a pain that will yield fruitful blessings. All I know right now is that I am going to be fully present in the time, space, and reality that is asking for me to trust my inner being. I will show up for myself and be ready for what is coming. I have been asking for clues, signs, and for a clear path or a clear direction to where I need to go. At this point, the delivery of how I am receiving the information is not as important as my ability to recognize it and be quiet enough to listen to where I am. I am vulnerable, and I am choosing the path of least resistance, and this creates a willingness to be receptive to all lessons and blessings. I cannot think my way out of this space; I must be willing to feel and embrace where I am so I can continue to more of the becoming!

“Be happy in anticipation of what is coming. Be ready to embrace your dreams. Be ready to mingle with your deepest desires. Be ready to live life to the fullest and explore all the hidden gems of possibilities that your soul yearns to embrace. Everything you want is also wanting you. Be ready for miracles because anything and everything is possible when you believe it to be true and that you are worthy of the having of it all. ~My High Vibration Being

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