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September 1977-6 Years Old 

This is the age that my story begins.

The Prologue

My life started simply, just like any other little girl with big dreams and a carefree attitude. Overnight, at the tender age of six, my bright world became dark and frightening. Within the walls of my home, I was sexually abused for over six years by a man who claimed to be the "Prince" my mother was searching for. This set into motion a life of fear, shame, anger, confusion, and emotional chaos. Eventually, the experiences that plagued my young mind, body, heart, and soul for many years became the catalyst for a breakdown that would be the inspiration for my breakthrough. The effects of several co-occurring sexual and emotional traumas would forever alter how I fit into the world until the day I used my voice to speak the truth. 

I found that when I wrote and spoke about my truth, no matter how painful, it relieved the burden of shame, anger, and guilt. After years of wishing to be someone other than me, I began to see how my experiences could help others who were still stuck in the emotional void of hopelessness and depression. It can be very difficult to face reality, but the pain we keep deeply buried not only keeps up from our best years of life, it becomes our prison. 

I am visual proof that any girl or woman can choose to live a happy, joyful, successful life after trauma, abuse, and addiction. The false beliefs and unhealthy labels we put on ourselves and others needs to be removed! We all are deserving of self-love, self-respect, and an incredibly abundant life with an in-depth understanding of our self-worth!

The Message

As my heart began to heal, I decided that I had spent too many years separated from myself, my body, and the world around me. I could not erase the past, but I could create a new story. With help from trusted women and counseling, I was able to choose living over suffering. Today, I am free to experience life as a soulfully sober woman, and a loving and caring mother of two little girls. I now have an understanding of what value life holds as I discover more aspects of my true self.

I am inspired, every day, to transform my pain, and share my experiences with those who still suffer. Who I have become paves the way for all women to learn how to be confident, courageous, and emotionally balanced after sexual trauma. I am grateful that I can use my voice and my actions to change the hearts of women who crave a more fulfilling life. Healing our wounded hearts takes courage! When we heal together, it makes the journey more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. If I can THRIVE, so can you!