Photo by  chris liu  on  Unsplash

Photo by chris liu on Unsplash

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The Inspirational Spiritual Mission

"I wake every morning with gratitude for life. I sip craft coffee and read spiritual materials that help me stay rooted in the now. Because of this routine, I am able to write from the heart and follow the voice of my creative soul. Openly sharing my truth has been an incredible awakening. I have become even more dedicated to encouraging and inspiring others, young and old, to deeply love themselves regardless of their experiences. My soul work has been built upon the core of self-acceptance and a profound realization that I can be anything I wish to be, regardless of where I began in life.  I am now free to be the person I always needed along the way. By brewing my own "pot-of-life, I am able stop, sit idle, and sip on the robust flavor of life." ~Rebecca Edwards


The Process of Becoming with a Good Cup of Wisdom

Within each of us lies the "bean" of wisdom that knows who we were born to become. This inherent wisdom is roasted by the flavor our life experiences. When we can consciously shift our perspective and refocus our spiritual eyesight, we have the opportunity to align with our divine eternal nature. When we are ready, we can set ourselves free from victim consciousness and become the catalyst for change not only for ourselves, but for others who resonate with our voice aka aromatic palate of life.

When we commit to changing ourselves and do what is required for that change to root deep into our souls, we can then "brew" our life story-any way we desire. Within our hearts we have all we need for the journey already. From my experiences, I hope to help you unlock your creative spirit and tap into the well of wisdom that seeks you as much as you seek it. Be bold and be strong or be gentle and mild, but whatever you choose, go brew YOUR life anyway you desire.