Whisper to Roar

2016 Florida Coalition Against Sexual Violence Summit and Training in Jacksonville, FL

Thanks to FCASV and SPARCC (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center) I had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful team of leaders in the field of Advocacy. Due to the passion and work I have dedicated my life too, and by sheer desire and grit, I was recognized and nominated as 1 of 5 for Survivor Advocates of the Year. What an honor and a privilege to be among some of the most innovative and active change makers and the most vocally inspiring advocates from all over Florida. 


2016 National Crime Victim Tribute Week Sarasota, FL

I graciously attended this event, as a speaker, to help bring awareness to sexual trauma with an emphasis on how important it is for all first responders to be aware of Trauma Informed Care. By openly sharing my story, we as a community, can help victims overcome the trauma and stigma attached to reporting sexual crimes. The bravery and courage needed to report these crimes is tremendous. When victims are met with understanding, compassion and awareness their nightmare can become less horrific and frightening. Just knowing someone is willing to help without scorn or judgement can save many lives. 


2016 Speaker at Ringling College of Art and Design for Take Back the Night & National Denim Day

It is always a privilege and an honor to represent those who have yet to find and use their own voice to speak up about sexual assault and abuse on campus or at parties held off campus. By creating a safe space on campus anyone who needs help can find the guidance and the help they need to report and confide in those who best can assist them in their recovery. We, as a society, are making huge strides in awareness, but many more steps need to be taken to keep our students safe.