LOVE is required for our true inner self to emerge as the people we were meant to become! 

When I was deep into the process of self-discovery, it seemed that the only thing I could feel was anger, loss, sadness, and resentment. I did not have one ounce of genuine love for myself or for anybody else. I was just going through the motions for survival. I had no idea how disconnected I had become from what I craved the most SELF-LOVE. I could see that, based upon my experiences of betrayal and violated trust, it was normal to feel the tsunami of emotions that I was feeling. My heart was frozen for years. As it began to thaw, I began to experience all the suppressed feelings for the first time since my abuse began, and it was scary. I was afraid of what I would find during the discovery process. To this day, in my recovery, it still causes me to lose my breath, and that is okay.

As frightening as it was to feel the full power of my emotions, I seemed to have a heightened sense of awareness that was later identified as empathy. Empathy was crucial for love to root itself in my heart. Now, because I gave love a chance, I have a never ending source of unconditional love for myself and for others. I am human, so I still get angry and frustrated, but I have transformed my fear into love. The absence of love is fear and the absence of fear is love! I choose love above all else. Love saved me from being bitter for the rest of my life. Love allowed my heart to bloom so that I could nurture myself, my relationships, and my two precious daughters.