Sober Coffee Talk for Tips & Tools to Spiritually Enhance Your Daily Grind

Sober Coffee Talk for Tips & Tools to Spiritually Enhance Your Daily Grind

 Photo by  Jessica Lewis  on Unsplash (Text is origional)

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash (Text is origional)

"Humanity runs on coffee." ~Unknown

How are you brewing your own delicious cup-o-joe from your individual pot of life?

What is this you ask? My New Creative Project that encompasses all of my "loves" in one place.

Sober Coffee Talk© is a multi-level platform for my unbridled creativity. It is a YouTube Channel (launching soon) and a re-birth of my blog that was created for all sober souls, like me, who crave more spiritual direction, insights, and camaraderie from the daily grind of recovery. 

Spiritually Enhancing Your Daily Grind

Some days we are brewing great things in our sobriety and other days we are struggling to not spill our "cup of hot brewed life" all over our car, our family, our friends, random strangers and our co-workers. The struggle is real. The grace of recovery is real. The beauty of sobriety is real. Life is raw. Life is bitter. Life is flavorful. Life is bold. Life is is all of the above and more. But, like me, you may need an extra boost of "spiritual espresso" as an incentive to boost your spiritual 'juju' so that you can stay rooted in the center of your recovery program while the tempest of life situations may be raging around you.

No worries! Don't beat yourself up or be overly critical towards yourself because it happens to all of us, even those with long term sobriety. No matter what, if we stay in our "crap" without moving our consciousness in a new direction, we are heading towards a bitter cup-o-reality. And, when life is good, we need to share our cup-o-inspiration with someone who is struggling-this is how we carry the message to others. This is how it works. This is how our program of fellowship has changed lives for so many years.

How Sober Coffee Talk© Came to Life

Sober Coffee Talk© is a divine directive from my creative muse and the Divine Source of love and light that fuels my soul with all the flavors of my life, both bitter and sweet! This project means so much to me and it is a blend of all the things I love in life from my core, my soul and the essence of who I was created to become. This creative project is the professional part of me that loves creativity, writing, craft coffee, traveling, adventure, and meeting new people while talking about everything life has to offer in recovery. I love hearing inspirational stories about life changing moments while getting and remaining sober, especially with delicious craft coffee in hand. Yummy!

My recovery took place within a community and I want to share that with anyone who feels alone, isolated or separated from a group of caring souls for whatever reason. Feeling included and connected can make a huge difference in the life of someone struggling in recovery. 

What's Next

The Future of Sober Coffee Talk© is robust and packed full of flavor, pun intended. I have so many inspirations that I can barely keep up with my overly creative mind. These ideas are launching from divine inspiration to be completely transparent in what has kept me sober for over seven years. It fills my soul with healing joy to speak, teach and inspire anyone who may need an additional boost of encouragement while in the beginning stages of sober living or during any bitter phases of sober life. I could NOT recover alone. I am beyond blessed to have so many amazing souls that are in support of my ideas to speak my dreams into a freshly brewed pot-of-reality. Beans of opportunity are roasted right in front of me, all I have to do now is follow the aromatic scent of what's brewing. After all, the primary purpose of my sobriety is to help those, including myself, who may still suffer. My main purpose it to fit myself to be of service to the GOD of my understanding. 

"I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, Remember how good this is because you could lose it." ~Jim Carrey

Fun fact of my sobriety: my sober birth stone is a coffee bean and with that I will brew the most aromatic, robust, pot-of-life that is humanly and spiritually possible. I am in love with all the things that encompass the coffee life and the coffee shops that have offered my muse an outlet through energetic, magical elixirs of creativity.

Beans for Thought

I have never been in a coffee shop that is not bustling with creatives, dreamers, doers, sober souls, thought provoking conversationalists and energetically dynamic humans searching for solutions for life challenges. I also see a huge selection of spiritual change-makers that are bursting with a profound zest for life. I know most of us are called to coffee shops to tap into the energy that fuels the desire to be more than our minds can conceive alone. I am fully trusting in the process of stepping outside of my comfort zone to tap into the infinite Universal energetic vortex of "what else is possible" (To be live soon) Until then stay tuned for more details...

Thank YOU!

Thank YOU to all my friends who have continually poured into my cup when I was empty. Now, I will keep my cup ready to be filled and to pour from when I am called to share behind the camera or in print.





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