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Meet Rebecca 

Entrepreneur, #1 best selling author,

mom and motivational speaker

When I was a teenager, I suffered from debilitating anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and body dysmorphia. My pain was the direct result of my untreated childhood trauma that affected my life in every way. As with many teens, my untreated childhood sexual trauma became my adult crisis. When I hit rock bottom, the only thing left to do was ask for help to stop my use of substances, find a qualified trauma-informed therapist, and rise from the ashes of shame. My story is not unique. As a result of the work I have done, I have found my voice, and sharing my experience allows me to be the person I needed as a struggling teenager. 


The NETT is a spiritual toolbox for teenagers with traumatic backgrounds who are prone to adverse conditions that may include addiction, anxiety, depression, and loss of self while choosing to use substances to escape their untreated childhood trauma. This book will show teenagers how to transform their sense of hopelessness into a sense of belonging.

The variety of journal prompts and practical tools will guide teens in finding truth and purpose in their lives, careers, and relationships. Teenagers can learn how to go from feeling rejected by themselves or their peers to fully loving and accepting their lives. The NETT will be a lifeline to teens recovering from family drama and trauma and offers a new point of view that encourages healthy change. As a result, teens can use the strategies that will assist them in their journey to recovery.




Rebecca L. Edwards

A Sober Author


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Helping Teens Rise Above Trauma by Sharing My Experience of overcoming Sexual Trauma and Addiction.

“The best way to help and guide our hurting youth is to show them your scars, tell them your story and let them see that we are all connected through a collective experience by overcoming pain and recovering with purpose.”


Rebecca L. Edwards