Let's Get Real
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It takes great courage to change! My miracle happened when I became completely willing to embrace the pain that would inevitably come with change.  ~Rebecca Edwards

I’ve been openly writing, speaking, and sharing my experiences in the community I serve for over 2 years. It seems the most success I’ve had is when I get real; when I post my personal struggles and how I overcame them. It seems that readers respond favorably when I share every raw emotion that continually inspires me to paint vivid pictures using words. 

"Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.” ~Brené Brown

The Real Me

Re-birthing is hard work! During this process I've sobbed uncontrollably and laughed until my face hurt. I've been so alone that the sound of my own voice was a stranger to my isolation and I've been so comforted that my soul was cradled in a blanket of love. I've felt an array of emotions through the process of aligning with my souls purpose. 

My Reality

In truth, my reality isn’t easy nor does it come with any guarantees. It does, however, come with a depth of gratitude and joy for having the courage to finally say NO mental poverty and YES to taking action to live the life of my dreams. My reality involves vulnerability, risk, and asking for guidance and help when I feel lost or uncertain of my abilities. It also involves new heights, inspirations, experiences, and relationships. 

Taking Flight

Change is a continual process. It offers us a daily rebirth, a blank page or a white canvas to create anything we desire, provided we have the courage to follow it through to the end. My visions are expansive, co-creative, and involve traveling all over the world to embrace those who will help me write each chapter in my life story. By embracing change, rather than resist it, I open my heart to a whole new world; a world that comes from the pain of change. It is in this moment that I become one with the process and realize that I can fly.






He Loves Me

He Loves Me

Waves of Life

Waves of Life