"A happy life consists not in the absence, but in the mastery of hardships." ~Helen Keller

My experiences with adversities in the early stages of my life distorted what I believed to be true about who I was and who I was to become. My reality was skewed and all I could focus on was how unfairly I felt life was treating me. Once upon a time, I crumbled under the weight of my world. When I let go of the desire to have a certain outcome, I learned to thrive with the power I had within to cope under the most grueling circumstances. It wasn't until I chose to accept what has occurred in my life, and use it as a teacher instead of a curse, that I began to feel peaceful in my own skin. I had a choice and the choice was mine and mine alone. I could be a perpetual victim of life or I could turn my greatest adversities into my greatest assets. Thankfully, I chose the latter. 

 I am inspired, everyday, to continue to write about the many miracles of being present for life. 

By breaking the silence of my truth, I am bringing light to the isolating shame of suffering in silence. I hope, by sharing my story, I can help inspire and encourage others to embrace emotional and spiritual healing. When my broken dreams and lost childhood were validated, a sacred space was created for new life experiences. When I changed my thoughts and learned to love myself, I was granted a Universal Key that unlocked my true inner-self and set me free from the darkness of my past. Loving who I AM today creates a foundation of healing and a deep sense of love for all of life, both ebb and flow of all that is. 

When I connected with others who had already begun their own journey of transformation, I saw how I could re-write my own life story. Together our voices can be heard loud and clear, and our hearts can beat as one.